Maps and Facts

NSW people and produce

See the interactive map to find out more about primary products and natural resource management in NSW.

Gold and other metallic minerals

Sofala, Hill End and Stuart Town gold deposit map (available for purchase)

Major NSW metallic mineral mines and projects map

Discovering Gold in NSW - Map on Slideshare


Australian forests (

Comprehensive maps that help describe the types and composition of forests around Australia.

Australian Mines Atlas (

Create a map of Australia's mines, and choose what information to display: historic mines, current mines, mineral deposits, infrastructure, geography, and more.

Geoscience Australia (

Mineral maps of Australia, including copper, diamond, gold, lead-zinc, manganese and nickel.


NSW online mapping tool for mineral resources.

Image library

See the Landlearn NSW image library slideshow or photostream (Flickr).



How to compost on farm

Improving soil moisture

Soil acidity and liming

Waterwise on the farm: soil texture


Commodity growing guides - Cabbage

Commodity growing guides - Eggplant

Commodity growing guides - Field lettuce production

Commodity growing guides - Growing garlic in NSW

Commodity growing guides - Onion

Commodity growing guides - Snow peas and sugar snap peas

The greenhouse

Vegetable integrated pest management


Alternative farrowing accommodation in the pork industry

Basic pig husbandry - gilts and sows

Basic pig husbandry - grower herd

Basic pig husbandry - the boar

Basic pig husbandry - the litter

Basic pig husbandry - the weaner

Breed of pigs - Duroc

Breed of pigs - Landrace

Breed of pigs - Large White

Deep-litter housing for pigs

Pig branding in NSW

Pigs as pets

Responsible pig ownership - information for local councils and pig owners

Understanding the pork industry


Beef cattle breeding systems

Beef cattle vaccines

Blackleg in cattle

Cancer eye in cattle

Castrating calves

Cattle breeds: Africander

Cattle breeds: Angus

Cattle breeds: Beef Shorthorn

Cattle breeds: Belmont Red

Cattle breeds: Boran

Cattle breeds: Braford

Cattle breeds: Brahman

Cattle breeds: Brangus

Cattle breeds: Charolais

Cattle breeds: Chiangus

Cattle breeds: Chianina

Cattle breeds: Devon

Cattle breeds: Droughtmaster

Cattle breeds: Galloway

Cattle breeds: Gelbvieh

Cattle breeds: Hereford

Cattle breeds: Limousin

Cattle breeds: Maine Anjou

Cattle breeds: Murray Grey

Cattle breeds: Poll Hereford

Cattle breeds: Romagnola

Cattle breeds: Santa Gertrudis

Cattle breeds: Shorthorn

Cattle breeds: Simmental

Cattle breeds: South Devon

Cattle breeds: Tuli

Cattle lice

Cattle ticks

Cattle worm control - the basics

Clostridial diseases in cattle

Dehorning cattle

Enterotoxaemia in cattle

Frame scoring of beef cattle

Full hand feeding of beef cattle - management

Full hand feeding of beef cattle - quantities

Grain poisoning of cattle and sheep

Grass tetany in cattle

Handling Bos indicus cattle

Handling cattle

Leptospirosis in cattle herds

Live beef cattle assessment

Liver fluke disease in sheep and cattle

Livestock transport costs - calculator instructions

Market specifications for beef cattle

Muscle scoring beef cattle

NLIS cattle: agistment requirements

NLIS Cattle: getting started for cattle producers

NLIS Cattle: identification and stock movements

NLIS Cattle: improving herd management

NLIS Cattle: property-to-property transfers

NLIS Cattle: using electronic identification and carcase feedback in cattle management

NLIS Cattle: utilising carcase information

Pinkeye in cattle

Pregnancy toxaemia in beef cattle

Selecting and managing beef heifers

Steps in the beef marketing chain

Supplementary feeding of cattle

Treating calf scours

Using hormonal growth promotants in NSW beef production

Vibriosis of cattle

Water requirements for sheep and cattle

Weaning beef calves

WormTest for livestock and guide to egg counts


Age of first joining sheep

Cheesy gland (Caseous Lymphadenitis) in sheep

Drench resistance and sheep worm control

Ewe management and body weight at joining

Feedlotting lambs

Full hand feeding of sheep - feeding management

Full hand feeding of sheep - management

Full hand feeding of sheep - quantities

How to tell the age of sheep

How vaccination works

Liver fluke disease in sheep and cattle

NLIS and agistment - sheep

Sheep blowflies

Sheep health - scabby mouth

Sheep lice

Vaccination programs for sheep

Why fat score breeding ewes?


Poultry health - keeping diseases out

Poultry keeping on a small scale

Small-scale poultry keeping brooding and rearing chickens

Small-scale poultry keeping feeding

Small-scale poultry keeping housing layers